Hinckley Center Event/Building Policies


To ensure proper coverage, please provide the exact start and estimated stop time of your event. The HC Coordinator will allow time in the schedule for set-up and take down of your event. If you have specific concerns regarding set-up time please share them at the time of scheduling.


Please determine your set-up details with the HC Coordinator at the time of scheduling and confirm one week prior to the event (including a final attendance count). Please do not move the furniture or rearrange the set-up yourself. If you have a concern or a small change, please contact the front desk for assistance.

The Hinckley Center remains open to the public during scheduled events. Events should not impact public access to the Shelley Visitors Center, Hinckley display area, the main floor north hallway, or the main entrance.


All event signage should be accommodated within the reserved room(s) and must be professional in appearance (e.g., no hand written signs).

Decorations or working posters may not be hung on the interior walls or wood, or suspended from the ceiling or light fixtures. Signage should be displayed either on a table top or an easel. The flat-panel welcome screen in the front lobby may be used to specifically welcome your guests and can be arranged through the HC Coordinator. Any items (other than table-top centerpieces) brought in for decorating will need pre-approval from the HC Coordinator.


Only BYU Dining Services and other university-approved caterers are approved to provide services for events in the Hinckley Center. In order to protect the upholstery and carpets, no red punch or food types that will stain are permitted. Potluck meals require approval from the HC Coordinator and are only allowed in certain rooms. If food is served in the Family Room the menu needs pre-approval by the HC Coordinator. Please provide a copy of the food order.

All caterers should deliver to the south end of the building. Those serving in the north end of the building will access from the south end and through the basement. Please make sure the HC Coordinator is aware of vendors delivering food. It is the caterer’s responsibility to clean the kitchen area that they use (wipe down of all counters, tables and equipment, sweep the floor, clean-up spills, take the garbage out, etc.).

Click here for a list of approved off campus vendors.

AV Needs

Many of the Hinckley Center rooms are equipped with media cabinets and projection screens or flat-panel displays. Onsite assistance for AV needs is limited. Event sponsors are welcome to schedule a time to come to the building to familiarize themselves with the equipment and ensure that their presentations will run smoothly. Podiums and microphones are available, as well as a limited number of wireless microphones.

Performing groups

Please make the HC Coordinator aware of your program plans and the groups that will be performing. Heavy equipment that moves on rollers or stands on bulky legs may not be conducive to the Assembly Hall floor. Certain dance groups may also not be appropriate on the hardwood floor (e.g., tap dancing). Extremely physical performances such as dancing are not permitted on the risers.

Outdoor Events

All furniture for outdoor events should be ordered through Campus Scheduling at (801) 422-3134. The Hinckley Center staff will set up the furniture as instructed by the HC Coordinator. AV equipment for outside use should be ordered through OIT at (801) 422-4000. Tent usage is limited and must be approved by the HC Coordinator at the time of scheduling.


The Hinckley Center does not provide event parking. Please have your guests park in Campus Visitors Parking or make arrangements directly with the Traffic Office for special parking. Hinckley Center Guest parking is limited and may not be used for events until after 6pm. The parking lot east of the Hinckley Center is open to the public after 6pm.

Onsite Assistance

A building host will be on duty at the front desk before and during your event. If you have problems or concerns during the event, please contact him/her directly and he/she will work to resolve those problems.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to assisting you with a successful event.